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Eclectic Room

Founded in 2015, in Dubai, Eclectic Room started as a vintage online store. Relocating two years later to Singapore as an independent lifestyle concept boutique, on Joo Chiat Road, known for their eclectic culture, in a pre-WW2 shophouse. Intermingled in the space are various items from apparel, accessories, vintage home decor including in-house produced candles and essential oil blends. The boutique mixes sustainable vintage and contemporary, limited editions and rare pieces with matching price tags. Creating the idealogy of great fashion and style are meant to last forever rather than keeping up with the current trends. Recent years, they have added a range of independent local brands to the eclectic family. At first glance, Eclectic Room looks like the hip, cosy apartment you would love to live in. And that is exacty the point. A boutique that resembles a home, complete with cosy lounge area with an eclectic vibe. Furnished with simple, some handmade fixtures and decor chosen by a discerning eye, customers can buy almost anything that takes their fancy, as in this space, almost everything is for sale. Eclectic Room include unique services of hunting for vintage designers, particularly Chanels, designing or tailoring custom-made dresses, personal styling and interior decorating. It is also provides meditation, energy healing and well-being coaching for both private and corporate sectors. ............

The Founder

A native Singaporean with a passion for travel, fashion, art and psychology, Ryana Yusoff passion of collecting remarkable objects and experiences began early in life. By 25, seeking for more adventures, Ryana began her flying career based out of Dubai and remain there for the next 14 years.   An advocate of authentic living, Ryana left her career after a decade and decided to pursue her lifelong passion in fashion and well-being and went on to launch Eclectic Room as an e-commerce business. It was very well received in Dubai. Known as the funky vintage expert to go to, in 2017, she was invited to be a fashion judge for Mr. Dubai Pageant and was also the designer of the kaftans for the models of the renowned socialite and philanthropist, Mrs Puspa Portier's 50th birthday, where celebrities and royals were among the attendees. Two years later, she decided that it is high time for her to head back home, Singapore, to be with her family and also with the intention of expanding to brick and mortar. She found exactly the place that resembles her brand and transformed the space into a treasure trove of a cosy eclectic apartment look-alike. The building embodied the distinct stories and histories behind each product placed within its walls. Today, these stories are reflected in the curated collection of vintage and new, apparel and home decor from around the world, alongside her very own collection of designs, using ethically sourced and produced in Dubai. After 14 years away, Ryana who is also known for her passion of bringing people together, found herself struggling to fit in Singapore again. She went on to launch Own Your Breath in January 2019, a platform that empowers living authentically and purposefully - Giving voices to the voiceless. She is also a Well-being Lifecoach and a Meditation/Yoga Teacher, providing her services for both private and corporate sectors - Manifesting all her dreams and passion, under one roof, over time, she collectively created a new, dynamic story of a day dreamer : the story of Eclectic Room and its customers, its own community who come to enrich their own tales with the boutique’s rare offering.


Ryana Yusoff - Own Your Breath
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