About Us

Eclectic Room

Established in Dubai in 2015 and later relocating to Singapore, Eclectic Room transcends being just a fashion haven—it is a lifestyle. With its extension, The Eclectic Space in Joo Chiat Road, this boutique embraces an eclectic culture and holistic wellness. At Eclectic Room, we cater to individuals who dare to stand out from the mainstream. Our handpicked collection of unique, offbeat clothing and accessories reflects the power of self-expression and celebrates individuality. From avant-garde to bohemian chic, funky to retro glam, we curate a diverse range of styles that ignite conversations and turn heads. Collaborating with independent suppliers and designers worldwide, we bring you vintage, limited edition, and contemporary apparel that truly speaks to your distinct personality. Our selection also includes in-house produced candles and essential oil blends, along with unique home decor items. More than just an e-commerce store, Eclectic Room is a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who embrace their authenticity. We encourage and support individuals in reconnecting with their true selves. Our showroom, nestled within The Eclectic Space wellness studio, offers a hip and cosy atmosphere where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It's the perfect getaway to slow down, breathe, and take a moment for yourself. Join us for our weekly Sound Bath Meditation sessions or wellness workshops to further enhance your well-being. Led by founder Ryana, an award-winning wellness coach and hypnotherapist, our wellness side offers a range of services. Ryana provides well-being coaching for both private individuals and corporate clients, ensuring a holistic approach to living authentically and successfully. Experience the essence of Eclectic Room and join our community of like-minded individuals. Discover a world where fashion, authenticity, and well-being converge.

The Founder


Ryana Yusoff, a native Singaporean, possesses a profound love for travel, fashion, art, and psychology. Her insatiable desire to collect extraordinary objects and experiences ignited at a young age, setting the foundation for her entrepreneurial journey. At the age of 25, craving new adventures, Ryana embarked on a flying career based in Dubai, a city that would become her home for the next 14 years. However, her unwavering commitment to authentic living led her to make a pivotal decision. After a decade in the aviation industry, Ryana courageously left her career behind to pursue her lifelong passions in fashion and well-being. Coming back to Singapore, Ryana launched Own Your Breath community event in January 2019, a platform that empowers living authentically and purposefully - Giving voices to the voiceless. She now hosted the event through her podcast Own Your Breath with Ryana Yusoff. She is a certified Hypnotherapist, a Transformation Coach, a Meditation/Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and Speaker. She provides her services for both private and corporate sectors. Manifesting all her dreams and passion, under one roof, over time, she collectively created a new, dynamic story of a day dreamer : the story of a multi-passionate woman who refuses to fit in a conventional box and bringing together a community who come to enrich their own authentic self with Ryana’s rare offering.